Don’t spam; increase webinar sign-ups; boost retail sales

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January 2,2017

***When is an e-mail spam?***

In e-mail marketing, the term “spam” means an unsolicited or
irrelevant e-mail message, which is sent to people who have not
given you permission to e-mail them promotions, content, or
anything else.

In addition, the CAN-Spam law says:

** Never use deceptive headers, sender names, reply-to addresses,
or subject lines.

** Always provide an unsubscribe link.

** Ensure that the unsubscribe link is working for at least for
30 days.

** Include a physical address.

Source: Today@TargetMarketing, 7/20/2016.


***Best way to promote webinars***

E-mail is by far the best way to promote webinars — much more
effective than advertising or postcards. But how many e-mails
should you send to invite people to attend?

Promote your webinars too heavily and you risk annoying your
audience, but hold back and your attendance goes down. Three
e-mails, one per week leading up to the webinar, hits that
friendly reminder sweet spot and increases registration by up to

Tip: Don’t forget the day-before or day-of-the-event e-mail
invitation, too. It’s not unusual to get a large number of last
minute sign-ups from e-mails sent close to the webinar date.

Source: Chief Marketer, 11/29/2016.


***Copywriting tip for Instagram ads***

When writing copy for Instagram ads, focus on the first two lines
of your copy. Images are the most important element on Instagram,
but don’t forget that great copywriting can make your ad that
much more effective.

Keep in mind that Instagram shows only the first two lines of
copy. Everything else is hidden under the “Read More” link. So,
you want to make sure you get your message across as quickly as
possible — and that the core message is conveyed in those first two

Source: Ragan’s PR Daily, 11/30/2016.


***3 easy ways retailers can boost direct mail response***

1–Include an offer. Three-fourths of survey respondents say they
are likely to use coupons they received in the mail — even more
than those who plan to use coupons received by e-mail or found

2–Create a sense of urgency. Time-sensitive offers can get
customers into your store during slower times of the week. For
instance, hold a pre-Black Friday sale targeting customers who
want to avoid the hectic crowds, a midweek sale or special deals
available only from 9 to noon.

3–Include a clear call to action; e.g.. “Bring in this postcard for
50 percent off all winter coats — sale ends January 21.”

Source: The Talon Mailing & Marketing Newsletter, 11/30/2016.


***Step away from the e-mail … and pick up the phone!***

Many businesspeople use e-mail, messaging apps, and texts to
communicate with clients, vendors and journalists. But, says PR
professional Megan Manson, “Something is getting lost in shunning
the phone.”

She continues: “You might spend a lot of time crafting a
detailed, well-articulated e-mail or text only to have it
misunderstood or skimmed by the reader. Speaking by phone has
become an anomaly, and your communication prowess isn’t being
expressed as strongly via texts and e-mails.

“It’s amazing how effectively a quick phone call can clear up
confusion, convey your tone and deliver your message. Also, when
you’re talking on the phone with someone, you have that person’s
focused attention.”

Source: Ragan’s PR Daily, 12/1/2016.


***Do you feel I owe you something?***

Once again, some person I do not know just e-mailed me a link,
asking me to click on it, read the text, and reply with my
comments on it via return e-mail. This happens at least once a
week, usually more often.

Do people really not understand why it is reasonable for me to
deny such requests? And don’t say “tell her your fee” — she and
others who make such requests expect it to be done without charge
and right away. And even if she would pay it, I am highly
selective about the clients I take on and am usually booked
solid, with zero bandwidth for such requests.

Many who won’t accept my polite refusal write back and say, “But
it will only take 5 minutes!” The problem with that is (a)
nothing takes just 5 minutes and (b) if I agreed to every request
I would have no time for my paying clients, and would therefore
make no money.


***Book of the month***

I highly recommend Adam Alter’s book “Drunk Tank Pink and Other
Unexpected Forces That Shape How We Think, Feel, and Behave”
(Penguin, 2014).

Motivational speakers erroneously say we are responsible for
everything that happens to us. Alter’s book says the opposite:
That while we may think we are in control, our environment shapes
our lives in myriad ways without our permission or even our

The title is based on a great example of this: A study in the
journal Orthomolecular Psychiatry proves that men actually become
physically weaker, at least temporarily, when looking at the
color pink — a circumstance beyond your control if you walk into
a pink room:


***Quotation of the month***

“An absence of concerns signals that you are only doing what’s
comfortable for you — and that will only get you more of what you
have right now. As strange as it may sound, you want to be scared
until you have to push yourself to new levels to experience fear
–Grant Cardone, “The 10X Rule” (John Wiley & Sons, 2011), p.

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The things that matter most

This article appears courtesy of Bob Bly’s
Direct Response Letter,learn more about Bob
Bly and what he has to offer at the link

Bob Bly’s Direct Response Letter:
Resources, ideas, and tips for improving response to
business-to-business, high-tech, Internet, and direct

December 3,2016

***Focusing only on what is essential is the key to success***
In his book “Essentialism: The Disciplined Pursuit of Success”
(Crown Business, 2014), Greg McKeon writes:

“The overwhelming reality is that we live in a world where almost
everything is worthless and a very few things are exceptionally
valuable. Only once you give yourself permission to stop trying
to do it all can you make your highest contribution towards the
things that really matter.”

His recommendation: Pick the one or two things in the world that
matter most to you, and focus almost exclusively on them.
Jettison all else. Be narrow, niched, focused, and selective.

This is how I have lived for my entire adult life. Aside from
family, which is more important to me than anything else, I focus
nearly all my energy and effort on my work: copywriting, info
marketing, speaking, consulting, and book writing.

Some successful people are admirably well-rounded, but I am not
one of them. I am a dedicated workaholic, and aside from work and
family, I have chosen to take a pass on most other things in
life. If you see me as having achieved a reasonable level of
success and productivity, I must tell you that I owe it mostly to
being an Essentialist.


***Another reason why content farms suck***

Content farms or mills hire freelance writers to rapidly churn
out content, typically of inferior quality. They sell it, usually
at modest fees, to marketers who operate under the belief that
the more content they publish, the better, regardless of quality.
So why is all this bad:

Answer: The urgency and volume demanded forces the writers to
essentially copy and paste as much information as possible,
leaving their work unoriginal and duplicated.

When duplicate content is added to a web site at length, Google
and other search engines begin to find their experiences are not
meaningful, informative, or relevant — and therefore, that the
sites loaded with this duplicate content should not be indexed at
the top of search listings: It actually hurts your SEO rather
than helps!

Source: Today@TargetMarketing, 5/6/2016.


***Why freelance job sites suck***

With the exception of total newbies looking to get some samples
and clients under their belt, I tell freelance writers to avoid
elance and other job sites like the plague. Why?

“Thousands of talented — and not-so-talented — writers compete for
the same jobs, and it isn’t easy to get noticed among them,” says
freelancer Julie Petersen. “Clients willing to pay premium rates
rarely hunt for writers in these communities. Although anyone can
offer their writing services on the international market, the
average hourly rates here are low.” And with rare exception,
clients searching for writers on job sites are after one thing:
the lowest bid they can get.

Source: Range’s PR Daily, 5/6/2016.


***Make costly toner cartridges last longer***

How to make your printer toner cartridges last longer: When the
“toner low” light goes on, remove the cartridge, shake it for 30
seconds, and replace. You will get many more pages out of it.

Warning: When you shake, toner powder may leak a bit, so hold it
over your trash can while shaking; toner is difficult to remove
from your pants or rug.


***One way to simplify your social media marketing***

To stop social media from sucking up all your time, focus your
efforts on the platform that has the strongest ROI.

How to do this:

1–Compare conversion rates across all of your social media
2–Perform a side-by-side comparison of conversion rates and
channel cost.
3–Pick the single social channel that has the highest conversion
rates and ROI.
4–Increase your efforts and expenditures on that single platform.

Source: Social Media Examiner, 5/5/2016.


***Is your LinkedIn Profile optimized for search engines yet?***

Lots of people seem to forget that search engines rank people’s
LinkedIn profiles. So you should use relevant key words to help
your profile show up in the first list of search results.

Why? More than 414 million people are on LinkedIn today, and some
say the LinkedIn Profile has made the business card obsolete.
LinkedIn produces 80% of all B2B social media leads.

Source: PR Daily News Feed, 5/7/2016.


***When bad content happens to good marketing campaigns***

Content marketers hate producing puff pieces we know no one will
look at. They yield poor results. Often internal politics force
us to produce this content. Writing corporate-speak makes
creative pros feel like they are losing their edge.

Solution: Find the hidden story. It may be difficult, but many
times you can uncover something interesting about a seemingly
mundane or dull subject. Speechwriter Joseph Kelly has said there
is a kernel of fascination in everything humans have invented or
God has made.

Source: PR Daily News Feed, 5/17/2016.


***To get people to opt into your list, offer them a bribe***

A lead magnet is a gift you use to ‘sell’ people on joining your

You’re not going to have many takers if you simply put up a
subscription box that says, “Register here for my free

Instead you give them a free video, audio, or PDF. If you’re in
an ecommerce business, you could give them a 10% OFF coupon for
their first order.

Source: Internet Lifestyle Mentor, Terry Dean, 5/10/2016.


***The #1 key to success and happiness: choose a job you love***

“It is important to choose your job or career with great care,”
writes motivational author and speaker Brian Tracy. “The choice
of a job or occupation for which you are ideally suited comes
before anything else. If you try to work at something you don’t
enjoy or don’t believe in, you’ll never be happy, and you’ll
never be successful.

“The reason why choosing the right career, why doing what you
love to do is so important, is because unless you really care
about your work, you will never be motivated to persist at it
until you become excellent. And until you become excellent at
what you’re doing, you can’t move ahead.”

Source: Brian Tracy Success Newsletter, 7/13/2016.


***How to better manage your employees and virtual assistants***

Here are the 3 questions you must ask your staff and virtual
assistants every day:

1…What did you do today, and what were the results?

2…What were the problems and challenges?

3…Do you have any questions for me?

Source: The CEO’s Edge, 6/8/2016.


***Podcasting 101***

Here is everything you need to know to do podcasts but were
afraid to ask, courtesy of my podcasting guru David Doggett:


***Book of the month***

I highly recommend Gary Hennerberg’s new book, “Crack the
Customer Mind Code” (Morgan James, 2016). In it, he outlines a
proven 7-step process for generating more sales as well as the 12
types of customer personas and how to sell to each. Useful, easy
to read, and highly recommended — and Gary is an experienced,
successful direct marketer who knows his stuff:


***Quotation of the month***

“Thinking is the hardest work many people ever have to do, and
they don’t like to do any more of it than they can help.”
–Robert R. Updegraff

Source: “Obvious Adams: The Story of a Successful Business Man,”
A.W. Shaw Company, p. 51.

Overcoming writer’s block; steal your competitor’s customers; avoid this common PowerPoint mistake

This article appears courtesy of Bob Bly’s
Direct Response Letter,learn more about Bob
Bly and what he has to offer at the link

Bob Bly’s Direct Response Letter:
Resources, ideas, and tips for improving response to
business-to-business, high-tech, Internet, and direct

November 3,2016

***Force yourself to start your writing project***

How? Simple. “Put your rear in the chair and write,” says
Professor Kenna Griffin.

The only way to overcome procrastination is to force yourself
to do the writing. You can always fix it afterward, but you
can’t edit a page of nothing.

“Usually you’re pleasantly surprised when you discover that what
you wrote isn’t nearly as bad as you thought, and the process of
having written it did not, in fact, kill you,” says Griffin. “Even if
what you wrote is crap, you can fix it. You’ve written. That’s
what’s important.”

Source: PR Daily News Feed, 4/25/2016.


***How to steal customers from your competitors***

Visit competitors’ websites and check out their previous
customers. An easy way to tell who is buying the services you
offer is to check out the companies your competitors are doing
business with.

Many businesses will include a list of their most prominent
customers right on their website; sometimes they’ll even include
a testimonial with the name and title of the person they worked

You can contact the person listed on the site directly. This
might be a dead end if they are satisfied with their current
provider. But you never know. Competitors’ testimonials can also
inspire you to market your offering to markets you might never
have thought about targeting.

Source: YesData, 4/26/2016.


***Avoid PowerPoint “slide overload”***

The biggest mistake in PowerPoint presentations is putting too
much information on your slides. Solution: Avoid text, data, and
graphics that don’t clearly relate to your ideas.

Don’t bombard your audience with statistics and numbers that
dilute rather than strengthen your main points. Always make sure
that everything aids and does not distract from audience

Not only is clutter an issue with text, data, and graphics; it
works the same with ideas. If viewers have to spend time breaking
down and wading through multiple ideas, your visual misses its
target. One concept per slide allows the viewer to concentrate
and give his full attention.

Source: Booher Consultants, Communication Tip, 4/27/2016.


***One way to gain competitive advantage in your writing niche***

There are multiple ways to break into a specialized writing
niche, but the strongest, IMHO, is to have professional
experience or education in the topic. At the start of my
copywriting career in the late 1970s, my chemical engineering
degree gave me a huge advantage in my niche of industrial

Liz Alton, a freelance writer who successfully made the leap from
marketing writing into tech and finance content, says: “A
background in any field outside of writing is a huge asset
because it helps you move from ‘generic writer’ to subject matter
expert (SME) in the eyes of potential clients.” Her professional
background in business, garnered from previous full-time jobs,
helped her bridge the gap between genres when she was first
starting to transition between fields.

Source: ASJA Weekly, 4/29/2016.


***Add urgency to boost e-mail response rates***

Use words that invoke (some) anxiety. Think “hurry,” “now,” “go,”
and “final.” We’re programed to get stressed out when faced with
this sort of language; it tells us that we need to do a task
right away and that waiting around isn’t an option. And setting
apart each word with a period (e.g., Sale. Ends. Today.) amps up
the urgency even more.

Source: Emma E-Mail Marketing, 4/27/2016


***How to win customers and influence people***

The most effective way to influence people is to earn their
liking and respect, to appeal to the friendship factor. This
requires spending time with him, caring for him, and respecting

The more time you are willing to spend with the person, the
greater his tendency to trust you and to feel that you are
acting in his best interest.

Slow down when you first meet a person in a business or sales
situation. Take some time to build a relationship with him or her
before you proceed to business matters.

Appeal to the friendship factor that underlies all good business
and personal relationships. Ask questions about the person and
his or her life and concerns. Listen attentively to the answers.
Focus on the relationship first

Source: Brian Tracy’s Success Newsletter, 5/1/2016.


***Be straightforward and direct in your copy? Not always!***

We are taught in writing classes to be clear and direct. But as
Gary Hennerberg points out, the opposite approach — called
“misdirection” — can also work well in copywriting.

“Deliberate ambiguity can be a strategic copywriting tool,” says
Gary. “Use it for headlines and e-mail subject lines to stimulate
unresolved curiosity and the irresistible urge for the reader to
pause and want to learn more.”

But, be careful. There’s a fine line between drawing readers in
with ambiguous words creating unresolved curiosity, and repelling
them through simple vagueness or borderline deception.

Source: Today@TargetMarketing, 5/4/2016.


***Easy way to make your fiction stronger***

Want to make your fiction stronger? Give your main character a

Novelist Amina Gautier: “In many cases, omitting character
occupation comprises a missed opportunity for further character
development, plot construction, and inclusion of conflict. It
renders the character vague, the way failing to denote place in a
story makes it seem to occur nowhere.

“Occupation provides a foundation upon which a story can be built
as it calls for specificity and demands concrete details.
Determining what one’s character does for a living can help to
create a round character, a full and complex human.”

Source: Glimmer Train Bulletin 112.


***Book of the month***

Every direct marketer should read Bob Hacker’s book “Direct
Marketing Doesn’t Have to Make Sense, It Just Has to Make Money”
(Direct Marketing IQ, 2014). More than the usual collection of
rules and tips, the book delves into the various ways clients,
agencies, and graphic designers sabotage direct response
campaigns, turning them from potential winners into sure-fire
flops. And he tells you exactly what to do to prevent this:


***Quotation of the month***

“If you do what you’ve always done, you’ll always be what you’ve
always been.”
–Robert Ringer


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4 keys to marketing success

This article appears courtesy of Bob Bly’s
Direct Response Letter,learn more about Bob
Bly and what he has to offer at the link

Bob Bly’s Direct Response Letter:
Resources, ideas, and tips for improving response to
business-to-business, high-tech, Internet, and direct

October 3 ,2016

***An under-publicized market for making big bucks as a

My friend Fred Gleeck and his partner Tim Piccirillo are putting
the finishing touches on a FREE webinar which explains a very
lucrative speaking market that very few speakers are pursuing.
Tim has worked this market for a couple of years now with very
good results. The beauty of it is that these can be booked as
stand-alone dates or you can tie them into your existing speaking
schedule. Tim and Fred will be doing this webinar on Saturday
October 8th at 2:00pm EST to tell you all the in’s and out’s of
this lucrative speaking niche.

Click here to register:

It’s “FREE!”


***Don’t sabotage your PR with this common flub***

Have you ever asked a journalist who just interviewed you, “Can
we review the story before it goes to print?” Well, don’t,
advises PR agent Filomena Fanelli, explaining, “That isn’t the
way PR works.”

“If you want control over the content, buy an ad,” she says.
“With PR, the story is in the reporter’s hands. If you and your
client are nervous about what the story might say, remember that
journalists are trained to write news and feature articles and
that they have editors who review their work.”

Source: PR Daily News Feed, 4/18/2016.


***The 4 keys to marketing success***

1–Keep trying new things
2–Measure the results of each thing you try
3–When you find something that works, do more of it
4–When you find something that doesn’t work, do less of it

Source: Harnessing the Web Marketing Advantage, 4/16/2016


***Quantifying communications techniques: breakthrough or BS?***

A Texas-based consultancy called Quantified Communications claims
to have developed a numbers-based approach to ranking
communications techniques like warmth, confidence, vocal
variability, and more.

While the idea is exciting in concept, some professional writers,
myself included, question how the study came up with figures like
“the top 10% of authentic speakers were considered to be 1.3
times more trustworthy and 1.3 times more persuasive than the
average communicator.” What scientific measurement was used to
come up with this precise figure — and what unit of measurement?

Source: Gotham Ghostwriters, Newsletter, 4/18/2016.


***A no-brainer way to boost your writing output***

One of my secrets to being a productive writer is that I use an
older Dell keyboard — from my 10-year-old Dell which I recently
replaced with a new model — with large raised keys. When I got
my new Dell, it came with a keyboard similar to a laptop
keyboard, with keys that were not raised above the surface of the
keyboard. I tried it and got rid of it within 15 minutes.

If you are a high-speed touch typist like me, raised keys are the
only way to go. They reduce errors and increase speed 10% to 50%.
It makes a huge difference in my typing speed and output.


***Why you should convert Facebook friends to e-mail

As a marketer, if you have followers on Facebook or any other
social media, remember that you are merely “renting” the
privilege of communicating with them. Direct response expert
Gary Hennerberg says you don’t “own” the name as you would
with your postal or email list. Here are some actions you can
take to migrate Facebook followers to opt-in to email:

Encourage followers to click on posts that lead to your website,
and when they do, encourage them to opt-in to your e-mail list.
While most of us as consumers may not like pop-ups on websites,
they work for building an opt-in list.

Source: Today@TargetMarketing, 4/20/2016


***It’s not just what you say; it’s how you say it***

Dr. Albert Mehrabian, conducted several studies on nonverbal
communication and found that only 7% of any message is conveyed
through actual words. The rest of communication, 93%, is a
combination of vocal elements and nonverbal elements such as
facial expressions, gestures, and posture.

The bottom line is that a significant portion of communication
with other human beings is nonverbal. In addition, most human
beings are quite adept at reading and interpreting nonverbal
communication. If there is dissonance between your words and your
nonverbal cues — look out!

Source: Wendy Weiss e-newsletter, 4/20/2016.


***Book of the month***

Everyone who is serious about improve their marketing results
should read the new book by Craig Simpson and Brian Kurtz, “The
Advertising Solution” just published by Entrepreneur Press.

“The Advertising Solution” takes the wisdom of 6 of the greatest
marketers of all time — Robert Collier, Claude Hopkins, John
Caples, Gary Halbert, David Ogilvy, and Eugene Schwartz (8 if you
count the two coauthors, which I do) — and distills them into a
series of practical, valuable, easy to follow marketing tips,
tactics, and ideas. Highly recommended; click here to order and
save 24% off the cover price:


***Quotation of the month***

“Books are the DNA of our civilization, an unbroken line of
stories, ideas, and knowledge which essentially completes our
relationship with all of humanity and with ourselves.”
–Gail Rebuck

Source: Digital Book World, 4/11/2016


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What causes people to respond to your copy?

This article appears courtesy of Bob Bly’s
Direct Response Letter,learn more about Bob
Bly and what he has to offer at the link

Bob Bly’s Direct Response Letter:
Resources, ideas, and tips for improving response to
business-to-business, high-tech, Internet, and direct

September 1,2016

***What causes people to respond to your copy?***

I recently wrote a free special report, “Triggers: Uncovering
Wants and Needs,” that lists dozens of motivations you can use to
get your prospects to respond to your marketing campaigns. To
download your free copy, click below now:


***Integrate video into your marketing — for free***

TalkFusion, a leading provider of video-based marketing
solutions, offers video e-mails, video blogs, video chats, and
other video related marketing services.

Now, for a limited time only, they are offering a free 30-day
trial of their video solutions. Click here for more information
or to activate your risk-free trial:


*** To do local SEO, create a local Business Page on Google***

Each of the three major search engines — Google, Bing, and Yahoo
— offers places to create pages specifically for your business.
For example, on Google, you’ll want to create a page using the
Google My Business service.

Take a look at the search results for “dentist near me” and
you’ll see a big map at the top of the search results, along with
relevant information for local dental offices listed below.

These listings are not web sites. They are Google My Business
profiles. If you don’t have a Google My Business profile, then
your business will not rank high in Google when prospects are
searching for you locally.

Source: Today@TargetMarketing, 4/12/2015.


***Improve your marketing results with ad specialties***

“Ad specialties” are promotional items — including key chains,
coffee mugs, calendars, USB drives, and golf balls — imprinted
with the marketer’s logo. Decades ago, some marketers referred to
these items as “spiff.”

According to a study by the Advertising Specialty Institute
(ASI), 85% of prospects can recall the name of the advertiser who
gave them a logoed item. The average American owns 10 promo

Personal note: I have used promotional items imprinted with
company logos for decades in my various marketing jobs and for
clients, and they really are quite effective at engaging consumer
interest and increasing response rates.

Source: Advertising Specialty Institute, 4/14/2016.


***Which is the stronger motivator — wants or needs?***

“People pay for what they want, not necessarily what they need.
[Marketers] really need to understand this,” says Lynn Freer,
President, Spidell Publishing.

“People may need it but don’t want it. Do they want People
Magazine or The New Yorker, chewing gum, or vitamins? Don’t use
valuable real estate [or] webinars to sell something people don’t
want and don’t want to pay for.”

Source: SIPAlert Daily, 4/13/2016.


***How running Google ads can improve your web site***

When you’re investing money into Google AdWords campaigns, then
you’re going to be more critical of your web site. It’s easy to
ignore your web site when the traffic is free, but as soon as you
start paying for traffic, then that’ll light a fire under you to
finally upgrade your web site.

Also, Google AdWords gives you consistent traffic to split test
your web page copy and layout to find the best combinations.
Once you see what works best from your ad tests, then you can
roll that out across your entire site to improve overall
conversion rates.

Source: Main Street Marketing Tips, 4/15/2016.


***3 copywriting tips from Aristotle***

Here are Aristotle’s three elements of persuasion:

1. Ethos–a speaker’s credibility or convincing proof for their

2. Logos–the logic or inherent reasonableness of an argument.

3. Pathos–an appeal to emotion or self-interest in the audience.

Source: Gordon Graham White Paper Writer Tip, 4/14/2016


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Now available on Amazon — the 2017 “More Words You Should Know to
Sound Smart” desktop calendar by yours truly. Not only keeps
track of the days but gives you a new, interesting, and fun
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What budding scholar doesn’t dream of debating philosophical
precepts with the intelligentsia or locking academic horns with
the clerisy? You can do all that — and be the life of every
highbrow cocktail party — just by mastering the deliciously
obscure terms in this most compendious of calendars.

Soon, you’ll be tossing about bon mots with the best of the
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perfervid hoi polloi — in no time! With this daily calendar, you
are only an erudite witticism away from true loquaciousness.

Click here now to order:


***Joke of the month***

Q: Why did the skeleton get an F in monster school?
A: Because he was a bonehead.


***Quotation of the month***

“I speak to everyone in the same way, whether he is a garbage man
or president of the university.”
–Albert Einstein

Source: SIIA newsletter, 4/13/2016.Building the Beloved Community
newsletter, April 2016, p.1.


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How To Make Money Promoting Clickbank Products

Questions About Affiliate Marketing? Here Are The Answers!

Affiliate marketing can be a major source of main or additional income for you. This kind of marketing is not rocket science, but it does require some knowledge so that you don’t end up losing money or sales. This list of tips should put you “in the know” to become a successful affiliate marketer.

Take the time to see all the options and ads provided by your affiliate program. Putting effort into selecting ads that are relevant and useful to your readers, and trying out different visuals and graphics can help you find the right formula for your site. You also should switch around your ads often; it keeps your site fresh and relevant to your readers.

Affiliate promoters should embrace new selling methods, such as text-message campaigns. This is still a relatively new service, but already there are thousands of affiliates using this text service to keep their customers informed and to promote new products and affiliate offers.

Find out the exact location of what is driving your readers to click on your affiliate links. Is it the links within your content or your sidebar? Did it come from a video you posted or a review of a product? When you discover what is driving the traffic, focus on that content.

You should choose an affiliate marketing program that will give you access to real-time sales statistics and information, so that you can track precisely how many sales your website has made. Real-time data lets you judge exactly how different promotions are working so that you will know what to do to maximize your earnings.

Before getting involved with a particular affiliate program, test the products before you start promoting them. Do research about the products that you are considering to make sure that they are going to be something that your target audience is going to be interested in buying and will return to buy something more.

Make sure to select a good niche market for your affiliate program. You want something that is related to the field in which you specialize in, otherwise you won’t be able to get traffic or sales. A site without these two key items is not a good site at all.

Keep track of the different tools you are using to bring customers to your site. If you are spending money on a tool that isn’t working then you need to be able to drop that and move to something else. Don’t waste your time or money on things that do not help you build your income.

Look into how much information and support with marketing that your partner provides to their affiliates. You want to work with someone who provides excellent customer service and support. Companies that are constantly offering new tools to help their affiliates succeed are companies that you want to work with.

In affiliate marketing it’s very important to be helpful and descriptive in your marketing. If you simply put up a few ads or a list of products, your site will be identified as a trashy site filled with ads and then disregarded. It’s important to create genuine content by describing how you use the products you’re advertising and why your readership should want them too.

Developing a healthy relationship with your affiliate is a great idea if you hope to be treated fairly. Look at it from the affiliate company’s point of view. They’re constantly running across people just trying to make quick buck. These guys tarnish their reputation with sleazy tactics. Be honest, supportive, and work to initiate conversations with people at the company.

A great tip that affiliate marketers can use is to ask for more money (percentage of commission) from programs that you have generated a lot of income for. Surprisingly this method works more often than not if you have supplied that company with enough business. These companies realize how important you are to them, and will do anything to keep you working for them.

Exercise is hugely important for anyone who sits at a computer all day, including someone who is engaged in affiliate marketing. Getting up and going for a long walk, or a run, or aerobic exercise, will get your blood pumping and help you overcome stress. Keeping your weight down will stop you from having any expensive health conditions popping up in the future.

You’ll need to consider affiliate marketing a full-time job to really profit enough from it to live off the income. That means dedicating yourself to updating your website with fresh content, swapping out graphics and links, seeking new tools to better your strategies, and keeping track of statistics and accounting.

Ask family and friends to help you while you’re building your affiliate marketing business. Maybe your sister can drop off some leftovers at the end of the day in return for your babysitting her kids for a few hours a week. This will give you more time to work instead of throwing unhealthy processed foods in the microwave to eat in a hurry.

Show off your product and solicit testimonials from satisfied customers. Providing high-quality and thorough information about your products to buyers will ensure they invest in your business.

Get your audience comfortable with the affiliate marketing program that you are a part of, by introducing them to the company that is selling the product. You can post an interview with the owner of the company or take people on a virtual tour of their online store. The more relaxed people feel, the more they’ll trust your opinion.

The best way to learn about affiliate marketing techniques is to sign up to receive other websites’ marketing tools! Check out the emails they’re sending out, the marketing programs they’re affiliated with, which graphics they’re using, and what type of content they use most often. Don’t plagiarize their content, but copy content IDEAS.

As you can see, there is a lot more to affiliate marketing than most people think. It requires a lot of work and patience, but it will be worth it in the end to help promote your business. By following the above tips, you are well on your way to more sales and bigger profits.


Doodly Review

Have you heard about the newest super weapon marketers
have been using to increase conversions?

It’s Doodle animation videos!

If you have not heard, doodle animation videos are quickly
becoming the gold standard for marketers to use.

Not only are they exciting, eye catching, and creative, but
most importantly they convert!

In fact, marketers see up to 3x the conversions and sales
when they switch to animation based videos.

It’s that powerful.

Normally though, to get that type of video, you have to
pay thousands of dollars and weeks to process.

Not exactly good for business.

Today, I’m really excited to show you a brand new app that
was released called Doodly.

This powerful yet simple drag and drop doodle animation
tool is revolutionizing videos.

Besides incredible increases in conversions and sales, here are a
few reasons why Doodly is so special:

– Done-For-You Library of build in animated images
– Easy to use Drag and Drop Tool System
– Custom Image Uploads
– Ability to create white board and black board videos
– Realistic images drawn in the way YOU want it drawn
– And so much more..

Simply put Doodly can create any animated realistic doodle
video in less time and for less money. 

Creating compelling sales videos for your audience is no easy
endeavor, which is why when something as simple and
effective as this, comes along, you have to take notice.

Pick up Doodly today and start creating marketing master-
pieces in minutes instead of weeks. 

See you there,

Tyronne Ratcliff

Gary Bencivenga’s “lost” copywriting formula

This article appears courtesy of Bob Bly’s
Direct Response Letter,learn more about Bob
Bly and what he has to offer at the link

Bob Bly’s Direct Response Letter:
Resources, ideas, and tips for improving response to
business-to-business, high-tech, Internet, and direct

August 1,2016

***A new formula for copywriting success***

Internet marketing coach Terry Dean cites a formula from Gary
Bencivenga for generating reader interest in your copy: Interest
= Benefit + Curiosity.

We know benefits sell. But Terry points out that even if you have
a strong, specific, emotional benefit, you lose the prospect’s
attention if it is not also combined with curiosity.

“It’s curiosity that gets you to click,” says Terry. “If your
audience can predict what you’re going to say next, you’ve
already lost their interest.”

Source: Internet Lifestyle Mentor, 3/31/2016.


***The true value of social media in marketing***

Subscriber Dennis Kelly, President First Impressions Media,
writes: “The tentacles of Social Media have grown to enormous
proportions, but all of your messaging on social networks is not
to make the pitch on there but to drive them to your turf. Your
landing page. Your website.” Ben Settle says essentially the same
thing, but adds the goal is to capture the e-mail address and build
your e-list.

Adds Dennis, “In the compound on M*A*S*H, there was a directional
pillar with dozens of cities and their miles away from Korea.
Modify that to demonstrate your website is the compound and all
those directional signs of Twitter and Facebook and Pinterest and
Instagram and dozens more are all pointing back to your site.
Share the information or wage the sale on your turf where you can
capture e-mail and full address options of your prospects.


***Why do some marketers not personalize their content?***

More than half (59%) of US marketers surveyed by Demand Metric
and Seismic said they do not personalize content because they
don’t have the technology. Some 59% of respondents said they
don’t have the bandwidth or resources, and 54% said they don’t
have the needed data.

Few — 6% of respondents — said the technology is not sufficiently
advanced. And another 6% of marketers said they tried to
personalize content, but it didn’t work well.

Source: eMarketer Daily, 4/3/2016.


***For best results, focus on your strengths***

Most of us are taught on work to improving our weaknesses. But
Jon Gordon says you get a better pay-off working to get even
better in your areas of strength.

“What are your strengths? What do you do best? What are your best
selling products? Where can you be the strongest? What do you want
to become known for?” asks author Jon Gordon.

“Once you know the answers to these questions then you’ll want to
spend your time, energy, focus, practice, and effort simplifying,
mastering the fundamentals, developing your strengths, and
creating a culture of execution.

“The more time you spend developing and leading with your
strengths the more you will become known for them. The stronger
your strengths become the greater impact you will have.”

Source: Jon Gordon’s Newsletter, 4/4/2016.


***How B2B marketing has changed***

B2B buyers today are self-educators and get much further along
the path to purchase before making contact with a business than
in decades past. Because of the level of information B2B
marketers have on their customer segments — or at least should
have — their aim should be to make sure customers are educating
themselves with their organization, rather than a competitor.

Rather than moving them down a funnel towards a sale, marketers
need to give customers what they want: relevant, timely
information which is appropriate to their situation. Get that
right, and sales are far more likely to follow.

Source: B2B Marketing e-newsletter, 4/5/2016.


***Be selective about who you accept as a customer or client***

“I don’t like dissatisfied customers, so, I’m big on
disqualification,” says Internet marketing master Perry Marshall.
“If I don’t think something is right for you, I’ll tell you. I
don’t like people coming back and saying, ‘It wasn’t worth it … it
didn’t help me … it wasn’t a good fit.’

“I suggest you put disqualification mechanisms in all of your
sales funnels too. It will save you refunds, chargebacks, and
customer service nightmares. And it will help you laser-in on
your best customers and make them giddy with satisfaction.”

Source: Perry Marshall e-mail, 4/7/2016.


***Advice for workaholics***

Work only five or six days per week, and rest completely on the
seventh day. Every single study in this area shows that you will
be far more productive in the five or six days that you work if
you take one or two days off completely than you ever would be if
you worked straight through for seven days.

During this time off, do not catch up on reports, organize your
desk, prepare proposals, or do anything else that requires mental
effort. Simply let your mind relax completely, and get busy doing
things with your family and friends.

Source: Brian Tracy’s Success Newsletter, 4/8/2016.


***Job hunting tip***

If you are looking for a senior executive position, you probably
won’t find it on or other online job sites. According
to ExecuNet, 82% of job openings paying $200,000 a year or more
are not posted online.

Also, if you want to search for a new job, improve and bring your
LinkedIn profile up to date. Today, LinkedIn is a major tool
recruiters use to find new talent, and your profile decides
whether they contact you or not. There is a circular graphic at
the top right of your LinkedIn profile that rates its strength.


***The right way to tell clients your opinion***

1–Give legitimate critical feedback in the selling process …
offering constructive criticism at the outset sets a precedent
for the ongoing relationship.

2–Be a recommender … problems are often easier to swallow when
they come with recommended solutions or at least alternative

3–Before weighing in, appreciate each aspect of the situation
and ask pertinent questions … more information is usually better
— and informal market research, competitive audits, and early
marketing test results all come into play here.

Source: Ragan’s PR Daily, 6/7/2016.


***Travel writing success — for writers who hate travel***

Did you know that you can be a very successful travel writer —
without traveling anywhere?

How? By writing articles on sites, attractions, activities, and
people right in your home town. Of course, this works better if
you live somewhere that is a travel destination — like Baltimore
or Rome.

One editor at Fodor’s Travel says she prefers working with local
writers because they “know how a city ticks. This inside status
gives you an edge when you pitch stories on your home town.”

Source: Beth Kanter, The Writer, 6/2012, p. 40.


***Joke of the month***

Q: Why do melons have to get married in a church?
A: Because they cantaloupe.


***Quotation of the month***

“We believe that we all come from the same source, and that,
ultimately, we are heading towards the same place and our
destinies are intertwined. Therefore, we must protect the sources
of all life on Earth, and we must work for the betterment of all
–Allison Miller

Source: Building the Beloved Community newsletter, April 2016,



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