5 tips for writing better web pages

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June 13,2016

***Buying Facebook and Twitter fans? Don’t!***

“Don’t pay for Facebook likes or Twitter followers,” advises
Christie Ebanks of True Blue Communications. “Buying likes and
followers spikes your numbers, but it doesn’t increase business.”

In addition, buying fans actually weakens your credibility.
“Going from 500 fans to 50,000 in a few days may look suspicious
to your serious customers and stop their interacting with you,”
she warns. “Social media is building relationships. If you do
that, likes and follows will come.”

Source: PR Daily News Feed, 3/21/16.


***E-mail: still online marketing’s killer app***

A few years ago, it was widely speculated that e-mail would die
out because teens didn’t use it — but that’s not happening.
Teens are active e-mail users, and not just because their parents
set up their accounts for them.

Today e-mail remains the preferred communication channel for
communicating with brands and companies. All age groups see
e-mail as a part of everyday life. Nearly 68% of teens and 73% of
Millennials surveyed by Adestra said they prefer to receive
communications from businesses via e-mail.

Plus, 7 out of 10 marketers surveyed by Litmus believe e-mail
will still exist 10 years from now. Employees check their e-mail
an average of 9 times an hour during the work day. In 2015, over
205 billion e-mails were sent daily.

Source: 2016 Adestra Consumer Adoption & Usage Study;
Today@TargetMarketing, 5/4/2016.


***Avoid this flub when writing white papers***

Every white paper writer must avoid the #1 problem with white
papers: Too much selling. The solution is simple: Stop writing
sales pitches and calling them white papers.

Survey after survey points out that no white paper reader wants a
sales pitch. Business people want useful information to help them
understand an issue, solve a problem, or make a decision.
Unless you give those readers what they’re looking for, your
white paper will sink like a stone.

Source: Gordon Graham e-newsletter, 3/23/16.


***Why you MUST have a “back end”***

Most of the world’s most successful information marketers all
have one thing in common: They draw people in with an initial
low-priced offer (the “front end” offer). Then they sell more
products and more expensive products to their existing customers
(that’s their “backend offers”).

Why? “Simply put, it’s a lot easier to sell something else to an
existing customer than it is to find and persuade a new customer
to buy something,” says MaryEllen Tribby. “And that means you
should create a myriad of related offers to sell to your customer

Source: The CEO’s Edge, 3/23/2016.


***How to determine whether a client is a good fit for you***

Writer Andy Andrews says his #1 rule for deciding whether to work
with a client is that they have to be somebody he can connect
with and like.

“Life is too short to spend time with people you don’t like,”
says Andrews. “For a consulting relationship to be worth it, I
really need to connect with the leaders and their cause on a
deeper level. If it doesn’t excite me … I pass.”

Source: Andy Andrews blog, 3/24/2016.


***Making presentations that engage busy executives***

The key to giving presentations to audiences who are busy and
want quick solutions is to stay on topic. If you were invited to
give an update about something specific, do that before
covering anything else. They invited you because they felt you
could supply a missing piece of information, so answer that
specific request quickly.

Source: Ivy Executives Insights, 3/23/2016.


***5 tips for writing web site product pages***

>> Set the tone around the main demographic that is being

>> List out all features and pick which ones are different/better
than competing products.

>> Formatting is extremely important so a person can scan the
item instead of reading each word.

>> Make sure to boost engagement by saying I, You, We, throughout
the copy to make it feel more personalized.

>> Writing copy solely for search engines doesn’t work as it
doesn’t sell; optimizing for search engines while also engaging
readers is the balance that most copywriters look for.

Source: STC TechComm Today, 3/23/2016.


***Easy way to boost landing page conversion rates***

Want a call to action (CTA) that generates more clicks and
mail-in responses? Test. If you’ve been relying on “Read more,”
“Learn more,” or “Continued” to entice readers to act, do an A/B
split test.

Test a CTA that offers a benefit such as “Get It Now,” “Download
Your FREE Report,” or “See It In Action.” Also test the color of
your CTA copy or button. In one split test of red, yellow, green,
and ochre, ochre was the surprising winner.

Source: Today@TargetMarketing, 3/23/2016.


***B2B marketers must learn how to sell to millennials pronto***

A new survey by Sacunas reveals 73 percent of millennials are
involved in some aspect of purchasing decisions at their B2B
companies and at one-third of companies, a millennial (ages 20 to
35) is the sole decision maker. As a result, B2B marketers need
to understand what this shift means and begin to cater to this

What makes millennials different? Digital channels matter most:
56 percent of millennials report search engines, vendor web
sites, and social media are the most important sources of
information when researching new products.

The data shows the younger the millennial, the stronger the
preference for digital channels. Significantly for professionals
ages 20-24, 19 percent identify social media as the most
important when researching a new tool.

On the whole, 85 percent of millennials use social channels to
research products and services for their company. Surprisingly to
me, Facebook is the preferred choice for 40 percent, the survey

Source: Business Marketing SmartBrief, 3/25/2016.


***Do you know dick?***

It’s true: To succeed, you must know D.I.C.K.:

** D = Devotion — this is most important to success; you must be

** I = Integrity — be honest and demand integrity from yourself
and your team/relationships; accountability is a must.

** C = Concentration — stay on tasks (whatever they are with
respect to your job function) and continue courses of action that
you can focus on.

** K = Knowledge — be intuitive; follow your gut; learn as much
as possible about the job/career and employer in order to become

Source: Randal Rymer, AIChE Engage, 5/4/2016.


***Quotation of the month***

“Good writing … involves the agony of turning profoundly difficult
thoughts into lucid form, then forcing them into the
tight-fitting uniform of language, making them visible and
–Pat Conroy

Source: The Writer, June 2002, p. 17.


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Webinar JEO Review


Webinar JEO is designed to be a fully functional webinar and live streaming software system, allowing you to do ‘one to many’ style presentations to an unlimited number of people.

Unlike other competitors in the Webinar space, Webinar JEO has no limitations on the number of people that can attend an event. Built in partnership with Amazon’s Web services infrastructure, Webinar JEO has the backing to increase computing power to an unlimited level. This provides assurance to it’s users that the events will always be ‘kitted up’ with the best hardware as it’s backing.

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Webinar JEO: Webinar Software.

Overview: Webinars are the best form of engagement for audiences. Used for product presentations, training seminars and business delivery (just to name a few) the ability to connect with audiences across the globe is unparralelled.

Webinar JEO includes a suite of tools to allow you the best methods of presenting, with one click ability to switch between Interactive (on screen) whiteboards, Full screen share for browser demonstrations or Powerpoint/Keynote slides and camera mode. This last one allows real time connection with any web cam connected to your computer and all modes feature high quality audio and almost zero lag or delay.

The instant (live) chat – means that attendees to your presentations can immediately give you feedback and engage with the presenter. This provides that ‘real time’ feedback which is what makes live streaming webinars so much more valuable than anything running using Google Hangouts.

Webinar JEO also includes a ‘pre recorded mode’ which allows you to load up presentations and still benefit from the integrated ‘database management’ tools, that capture names and email addresses, while delivering ANY video as a presentation ‘as if’ it were being run like a live webinar.

Presenting with Webinar JEO, we found it to be an easy system. Very intuitive and powerful.


Overall: 5 stars.

Strong points

-No limits.
-Fast and Powerful presentation modules
-Priced Extremely well
-Easy to use

Weak points

-the switching modes takes about 4 seconds. Attendees will see the -screen go black with a spinning ‘mode switch’ icon to let them know


Webinar JEO vs Webinar Jam. As feature rich, but with the added bonus of being true live stream presentations.

Webinar JEO Comparison to Go To Webinar: Much friendlier to use, more tools to take advantage of additional marketing areas and much more cost effective.

Conclusion: Overall, Webinar JEO is a strong competitor in the Webinar Software space. Simple,cost effective and powerful.

Highly Recommended.

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Get expensive research for free

This article appears courtesy of Bob Bly’s
Direct Response Letter,learn more about Bob
Bly and what he has to offer at the link


Bob Bly’s Direct Response Letter:
Resources, ideas, and tips for improving response to
business-to-business, high-tech, Internet, and direct

May 3,2016

***Get great research for pennies on the dollar***

Often a Google search finds the information I want, only to
discover that accessing the article requires me to spend hundreds
of dollars subscribing to a journal I don’t want.

White paper guru Gordon Graham has a clever workaround: Contact
the publisher or look at their site for a press release they have
issued on the publication. Often all the info you need is right
in the release. And since it IS a press release, you can use any
or all of it without permission or spending a dime.

Source: Gordon Graham, 3/9/16.


***Keeping B2B sales leads alive and well***

The age of a lead is only determined by how frequently you reach
out to them. Just because you got a lead 2 years ago doesn’t mean
it’s old, as long as you have stayed in touch. But if you have
leads that haven’t been contacted in 12 months or longer, they
need to be requalified if you want to keep them in your sales

B2B sales leads must be nurtured over time before they can grow
into happy customers. It’s not enough to send them a message one
time and hope they’ll buy — you need to be contacting them
consistently. There are varying opinions about exactly how often
you should reach out to a prospect, but the key is making sure
you are providing leads with compelling content over the long

Source: YesData 3/10/16.


***Advice from superstar copywriter Carline Anglade-Cole***

Before you write one single word, know what the heck you’re
talking about, says top copywriter Carline Anglade-Cole. Do your
research. Spend time getting into the mind of your prospect.

“My clients usually send me a copywriter research kit,” explains
Carline. “In addition — you’ve got to do as much research as you
can to really KNOW the product. You’ve got to convince yourself
this is the best product ever and everyone needs to have it.

If at all possible, use the product: “I always request samples
and take/use whatever I’m working on. I want to see and feel a
difference the product makes on ME. In other words, I’m
convincing myself before I try to sell anybody else! Many times,
I’m so certain the product works, I write my own testimonial for
the package!”

She adds: “If you’re working on a product and don’t believe its
value — do yourself a favor and turn down the job. The odds of
failure are great — and why do you want to sell a crappy product

Source: Copy Star, 3/15/16.


***Make your web site mobile-friendly***

Given that global mobile data traffic grew 74% last year, it’s
time to make your web site more mobile friendly. But how?

Well, if you have a lot of images on your website, look at the
size of those images. Unless you are a fine art photographer, you
don’t need your images to be uploaded at full resolution and
size. Resize and optimize images as needed.

And if you have videos on your server, consider hosting them on
outside services such as Amazon Web Services instead to put the
load time on Amazon’s cloud instead of your server.

Source: Mobile Marketing e-book, Pinpointe; Marketing Dive


***Avoid this flub when designing your web site***

“The days of the ‘brochure website’ have already disappeared and
businesses need to have an integrated, congruent ‘internet
presence’; a portal for prospective clients and customers to
contact them through,” says subscriber David Winch.

David adds: “I firmly believe that, in pursuit of focus on the
single clear purpose of a web page, graphics is important but not
for its ‘prettiness’, rather for its role in making things easy
and simple for readers, viewers and listeners to pay attention to
and absorb the copy, and to take the action called for.”

As you would suspect, I could not agree more.


***Book of the month***

I have never been disappointed when attending a talk or reading a
book by Brian Tracy, and “The Power of Self-Confidence” is no

I especially benefited from this book because I have never been a
self-confident person. It tells why self-confidence is so
important (admittedly fairly obvious) and much more important how
to build your self-confidence — the real “meat” of the book. If
you ever have self-doubt, read it.



***Quotation of the month***

“A book that instructs in some profitable field is a priceless
treasure. It stands patient and mute until you command it to
teach. And if the bookseller offers it, and you fail to assume
ownership, who will be the poorer, you or he?”
–Jerry Buchanan, Towers Club Newsletter #39.


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The Money’s In The List

This article appears courtesy of Bob Bly’s
Direct Response Letter,learn more about Bob
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Bob Bly’s Direct Response Letter:
Resources, ideas, and tips for improving response to
business-to-business, high-tech, Internet, and direct

March 3, 2016

***The key to Internet marketing success is the list***

“Concentrating on growing my list and communicating with my list
regularly was my first big breakthrough,” says Terry Dean. “That
is what propelled me from failure to success online.”

His advice? “Build a list. Communicate with the list. Make

Among Terry’s traffic-generating methods: blogging, YouTube
videos, solo ads, Facebook ads, and SEO.

Many other top Internet marketers tell me repeatedly: “The
money’s in the list.”

Source: Terry Dean e-newsletter, 1/19/16.


***Leadership secrets of the world’s most successful CEOs***

New World Books has just released a Kindle version of my
hardcover book “Leadership Secrets of the World’s Most Successful
CEOs: 100 Top Executives Reveal the Management Strategies That
Made Their Companies Great,” coauthored with PR master Eric



***Must you have a web site?***

According to a survey from Clutch, 46% of small businesses do not
have a web site. The two most common reasons given are
irrelevancy to their business and cost.


***Test your landing page IQ****

Ace copywriter Josh Manheimer recommends frequenting this site:
www.whichtestwon.com. It consistently publishes useful ideas and
tips about improving landing page conversion rates. The most
interesting feature is that they show two landing pages side by
side, and you guess which one is the winner. Doing so can quickly
humble you. And the lesson is you don’t know which landing page
will be the winner until you test. Your subjective opinion — what
you like — doesn’t count for squat.


***A tip for avoiding spam filters***

Avoid sending e-mail marketing messages to web-based e-mail
addresses like Gmail, Yahoo, AOL, and Hotmail. Reason: Many of
these e-mail providers have spam filters set up to reject mass
e-mails. Solution: Create a filter on your lead sign-up forms
that does not allow sign-ups from people using web-based e-mail

Source: YesData white paper, “The 12 Biggest Email Marketing


***How to make your e-mails easier to read on mobile devices***

1–Use 14-point font size or bigger.
2–Keep your message under 800 pixels wide.
3–Don’t put links too close together or else it’s easy for the
reader to click the wrong link.

Source: PR Daily Extra, 2/25/16.


***Book of the month***

As far as I can tell, cartoonist and marketing guru Stu Heinecke
invented “contact marketing,” even though he denies it. In
regular marketing, we target a group of prospects; e.g., software
marketers, with a mass mail, ad, or other campaign.

In contact marketing, you target one individual prospect — e.g.,
Joe Blow, Marketing Director, XYZ Software — for purposes of
getting a meeting with him. How to do contact marketing is fully
explained in Heinecke’s new book, “How to Get a Meeting With
Anyone: The Untapped Selling Power of Contact Marketing,”
published by BenBella Books.


***Quotation of the month***

“In challenging times, it’s easy for us to think and believe it’s
not going to work out. But it’s almost always not true — it’s
just our faulty and biased perceptions. Never give up. Learn
the best strategies and do the work — even when it feels hard.
As you know, success will come, even if you’re not expecting
it. Most people give up way too early.”
–Jeff Neil, New Career Breakthrough!


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How To Network On LinkedIn

This article appears courtesy of Bob Bly’s
Direct Response Letter,learn more about Bob
Bly and what he has to offer at the link


Bob Bly’s Direct Response Letter:
Resources, ideas, and tips for improving response to
business-to-business, high-tech, Internet, and direct

April 4, 2016

***Leave your company name off your DM envelope!***

Don’t feature your corporate name and address if it doesn’t mean
anything to the reader, advises copywriter Ivan Levison.

“For example, there’s a good chance that the words ‘Quicken’ or
‘QuickBooks’ mean more to prospects than the corporate name
‘Intuit,’ says Ivan. “That’s why you should put your corporate
name, return address, and logo on the back of the envelope;
recognizable product names on the front.”

He says that the only time postal regulations require you to
include identification on the envelope is when you’re mailing at
the low rates available to fund raisers.

Source: The Levinson Letter, 3/2/16.


***An easy way to clean your e-list***

The most effective way to keep your list clean and generate sales
from it is to actually send e-mails to people on it. Many
business owners and salespeople get caught up trying to use
software tools or database tricks to keep their email lists
accurate even though they don’t send to it nearly as much as they

Every time you send to your e-mail list, it cleans itself by
telling you which messages bounce — but the onus is still on you
to remove the dirt by deleting and/or updating inaccurate email

Source: YesData Blog, 3/8/16.


***The 5 most important direct mail metrics***

>> CPM or Cost per Thousand Pieces Mailed — basically your
mailing costs.
>> Response Rate — percentage of responses.
>> Conversion Rate — percentage of responses that converted into
>> Gross Profit per Order — how much you will make on each order.
>> Repeat Gross Profit per Customer — how much you will make over
the lifetime of the customer relationship.

Source: The Direct Response Coach, 3/8/16.


***Networking on LinkedIn groups***

Identify and get involved in the LinkedIn groups your potential
customers are using. Share your industry insights by linking to
your company’s most relevant blog posts.

Answer questions by referencing your helpful content pieces like
e-books and how-to guides. Ask questions around the pain points
that your prospects are likely to be experiencing. Monitor these
discussions and make the most of opportunities to respond to
display your expertise.

Source: B2B Marketing e-newsletter, 3/9/16.


***Writers: readers love lists!***

Don’t be afraid of lists. It’s easy to mock the listicle, but the
plain fact is that they work well both online and in print.

Reason: People like lists; it tells them that the article has a
defined structure and should therefore be easy to read and

The advantage for writers is that list articles are quick and
easy to write. Also, marketing information products, the lists
allow the copywriter to write intriguing bullets; e.g., “5 ways
to manage large UNIX data centers.”

These bullets work because (a) the reader’s eye is attracted to
numerals and (b) the reader become curious as to what the 5 ways
might be.

Source: ClickZ, 3/25/2016.


***My latest and best interview: copywriting success secrets***

Michael Senoff recently interviewed me about how to write great
copy and succeed as a freelance copywriter. You can listen free



***Are you missing out on profitable referrals?***

If so, you shouldn’t be. Why? Because referred customers are just
better customers: They have 20% higher Average Order Values
(AOV), 25% higher Lifetime Values (LTV), and are overall 25% more
profitable than customers from any other channel. An article in
eMarketer notes: “If you’re not running a referral program in
2016, you’re falling behind your competition.”

Source: eMarketer, 2/2/16.


***Is branding a low priority in B2B marketing today?***

A 2016 survey of B2B marketers shows that their top 3 priorities
are increasing revenues, lead generation, and boosting sales.
Fifteen years ago, it would have been branding. What goes around
comes around, I guess — and marketers are finally coming to their

Source: FierceCMO, 3/2/16.


***Book of the month***

Can business turn hunger and poverty into sufficiency, war into
peace, and catastrophic climate change into planetary balance and
still make a good profit? “Absolutely,” says my friend Shel
Horowitz, an experienced marketer and prolific author.

“Social transformation combines vision, practice, and profit,” he
says. And I’m proud to endorse his new book, “Guerrilla Marketing
to Heal the World.” Click here for details or to order:



***Quotation of the month***

“Your very natural and understandable fear of making decisions
and moving forward is probably the main sticking point in your
lack of progress in life and business.”
–John Carlton, top copywriter


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Firstly, I have to say, I know there are people out there who don’t really “gel” with Cheney’s upfront style of marketing and writing salesletters. And I can understand that.

I personally love it.

And more importantly – you can clearly see everything he does in a certain way is done for a reason.

Heck – this isn’t some new kid on the block we’re talking about here – Michael Cheney has been mixing it up in the internet marketing space since the year 2000.

So anyhoo, what is Commission Black Ops actually like?

Well the first thing you notice when you get into the members area is just how professional laid out everything is. No getting lost or wondering where your downloads are – everything is easy to find.

You can dive right into the Commission Black Ops “Field Manual” and I’m gonna be straight with you here – it’s worth every penny.

Now sure – if you’ve been doing affiliate marketing for a long time then there may be around 1 – 2% of this info which you already know.

The content is pure gold and I took masses of notes and have already started implementing his strategy.

The way he breaks it down is really step by step so you can just copy it for yourself and start using the method in your own business.

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Google Sniper 3.0 is a powerful new system that anyone (no matter your skill level) can make money from. It’s a simple system that doesnt’ involve a large investment plus I have proof to show that it works!

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Being an internet marketer for a few years,I’ve always been left disappointed with a lot of the various “make money online schemes,after I’ve spent so much of my time,effort,and money into them. I’m guessing you’ve been in a similar situation,and may still be struggling to make your first dollar online,don’t worry I’ve been in your shoes before as well.

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Do a simple search on Google for “make money online” and you will that there are a lof of “push button software’s that promise to generate you a nice income online,and there are lots of money making strategies that simply don’t work. Google Sniper has taken the IM community by storm and is quickly creating income success stories by the dozen. The latest version of Google Sniper is also allowing hundreds of people to quit their JOB and make a full time income with internet marketing.

Re-read every one of those bullets again! Because this new,unique strategy allows you to make money online rather easily. It involves no traffic generation skills on your part,is simple to learn and implement,and most importantly it wont take a big investment of your precious time.

Not only is Google Sniper’s make money strategy a proven success,the training guide is also second to none. Bar none,it’s the best training guide I’ve come across when it comes to making money online in the quickest way possible. Google Sniper’s approach is simple. To be honest with you the training is pretty intensive,but it’s a step-by-step process that includes tutorial videos that walk you through the whole process of making money online. There is nothing better than a proven strategy that works that’s can be picked up by anyone.

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Landing Page Monkey Review – How To Create Gorgeous Squeeze Pages With One Click Of The Mouse!

Check out this quick Landing Page Monkey demo before you read:

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Designing beautiful squeeze pages is a huge problem for most internet marketers.You have one of two choices: do it yourself (DIY), or hire a web designer.

It’s true,a web designer can create a beautiful page for you,but he’ll also drain you of your marketing busget. Not only that,every time you need another landing page you’ll have to once again dip into your marketing budget and pay your designer.

The other option you have is to do it yourself. The big problem with doing it yourself is the fact that it will take a lot of time to create these pages. Time that would probably be better spent doing income producing activities in your business. As they say time is money! The other problem with doing it yourself is the fact you need good coding knowledge to make them look good.

And if you want to track your marketing campaigns to see if your landing page is performing well,then you need to BUY yourself a special tracking tool or script.

It’s no wonder so many internet marketers have landing pages that aren’t designed for optimal conversions.They’re leaving money on the table by doing so.

Creating profitable landing pages simply takes too much work,time,and money to put them together…at least if you’re going to do them right.

Until now…

Introducing the Landing Page Monkey web app,which takes away all of the hard work by quickly and easily creating awesome landing pages with just a couple clicks of your mouse!

Not one single line of code is required. No need to hire and expensive programmer or web designer. No need to even download or install a script,since Landing Page Monkey is a browser based tool/web app.

All you do is login to your Landing Page Monkey dashboard,navigate your way through the user-friendly form,and in less than 5 minutes you too can have a spiffy,high-converting & mobile responsive landing page to build a list of subscribers or sell your products and services online.

You can use these professionally created landing pages to build a mailing list,get people to register for your webinars,or to close more sales in your business. If you need a sales page or a squeeze page with an optin form,Landing Page Monkey create create it in just a few minutes.

Take a look at just a few of the features of Landing Page Monkey:

– Delivers highly customizable pages. You can quickly optimize your landing page to get just the right look and feel to seamlessly integrate with your site. Landing Page Monkey lets you change layouts, font colors, font styles, background graphics and even background videos to give your landing page a cutting-edge, polished design that’s sure to impress.

– Make changes on the fly. You can make tweaks to your landing page without getting in the way of sales or sign ups, touching the code, or uploading anything. Just log into your dashboard, make your changes, and click save to instantly update your pages.

– Works with all major auto-responder services, including Aweber,GetResponse,MailChimp,and a few others as  well…

– Works on your own server or LPM will host your page for you. You can upload these pages to your own site, or save on bandwidth by letting LPM host the page for you at no extra charge. You don’t even need your own site to start building an email list with Landing Page Monkey!

– Tracks your campaigns. Landing Page Monkey tracks your impressions and mailing list sign ups so you can optimize your campaigns for maximum profits!

– 100% responsive, 100% error free. You never have to worry about faulty web code throwing errors when Landing Page Monkey creates your pages – and that means 99% of all your visitors will see your landing page. Your landing pages will show up on all smart phones, tablets, laptops and other devices. Plus they’ve been rigorously tested to work across all major browsers, including Chrome, Safari, Firefox, Internet Explorer and many others as well.

– Saves you time and money. In just minutes you’ll have a beautiful landing page that looks like it was made by a high-priced web designer. Plus Landing Page Monkey’s clone feature lets you replicate your favorite landing pages instantly and get them online fast.

– Get rid of tech headaches. This is a web-based app, so there is nothing to download, nothing to install, no messing with customizing scripts. Just log in and you’re ready to start creating landing pages instantly.

Listen, you won’t find a better, faster or easier way to create and publish landing pages. If you can point and click a mouse, you can create a landing page like a pro with Landing Page Monkey.

So stop monkeying around with those other clumsy tools and see for yourself why Landing Page Monkey makes list building so easy. Click here to check it out right now:










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