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May 3,2016

***Get great research for pennies on the dollar***

Often a Google search finds the information I want, only to
discover that accessing the article requires me to spend hundreds
of dollars subscribing to a journal I don’t want.

White paper guru Gordon Graham has a clever workaround: Contact
the publisher or look at their site for a press release they have
issued on the publication. Often all the info you need is right
in the release. And since it IS a press release, you can use any
or all of it without permission or spending a dime.

Source: Gordon Graham, 3/9/16.


***Keeping B2B sales leads alive and well***

The age of a lead is only determined by how frequently you reach
out to them. Just because you got a lead 2 years ago doesn’t mean
it’s old, as long as you have stayed in touch. But if you have
leads that haven’t been contacted in 12 months or longer, they
need to be requalified if you want to keep them in your sales

B2B sales leads must be nurtured over time before they can grow
into happy customers. It’s not enough to send them a message one
time and hope they’ll buy — you need to be contacting them
consistently. There are varying opinions about exactly how often
you should reach out to a prospect, but the key is making sure
you are providing leads with compelling content over the long

Source: YesData 3/10/16.


***Advice from superstar copywriter Carline Anglade-Cole***

Before you write one single word, know what the heck you’re
talking about, says top copywriter Carline Anglade-Cole. Do your
research. Spend time getting into the mind of your prospect.

“My clients usually send me a copywriter research kit,” explains
Carline. “In addition — you’ve got to do as much research as you
can to really KNOW the product. You’ve got to convince yourself
this is the best product ever and everyone needs to have it.

If at all possible, use the product: “I always request samples
and take/use whatever I’m working on. I want to see and feel a
difference the product makes on ME. In other words, I’m
convincing myself before I try to sell anybody else! Many times,
I’m so certain the product works, I write my own testimonial for
the package!”

She adds: “If you’re working on a product and don’t believe its
value — do yourself a favor and turn down the job. The odds of
failure are great — and why do you want to sell a crappy product

Source: Copy Star, 3/15/16.


***Make your web site mobile-friendly***

Given that global mobile data traffic grew 74% last year, it’s
time to make your web site more mobile friendly. But how?

Well, if you have a lot of images on your website, look at the
size of those images. Unless you are a fine art photographer, you
don’t need your images to be uploaded at full resolution and
size. Resize and optimize images as needed.

And if you have videos on your server, consider hosting them on
outside services such as Amazon Web Services instead to put the
load time on Amazon’s cloud instead of your server.

Source: Mobile Marketing e-book, Pinpointe; Marketing Dive


***Avoid this flub when designing your web site***

“The days of the ‘brochure website’ have already disappeared and
businesses need to have an integrated, congruent ‘internet
presence’; a portal for prospective clients and customers to
contact them through,” says subscriber David Winch.

David adds: “I firmly believe that, in pursuit of focus on the
single clear purpose of a web page, graphics is important but not
for its ‘prettiness’, rather for its role in making things easy
and simple for readers, viewers and listeners to pay attention to
and absorb the copy, and to take the action called for.”

As you would suspect, I could not agree more.


***Book of the month***

I have never been disappointed when attending a talk or reading a
book by Brian Tracy, and “The Power of Self-Confidence” is no

I especially benefited from this book because I have never been a
self-confident person. It tells why self-confidence is so
important (admittedly fairly obvious) and much more important how
to build your self-confidence — the real “meat” of the book. If
you ever have self-doubt, read it.


***Quotation of the month***

“A book that instructs in some profitable field is a priceless
treasure. It stands patient and mute until you command it to
teach. And if the bookseller offers it, and you fail to assume
ownership, who will be the poorer, you or he?”
–Jerry Buchanan, Towers Club Newsletter #39.


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