The Money’s In The List

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March 3, 2016

***The key to Internet marketing success is the list***

“Concentrating on growing my list and communicating with my list
regularly was my first big breakthrough,” says Terry Dean. “That
is what propelled me from failure to success online.”

His advice? “Build a list. Communicate with the list. Make

Among Terry’s traffic-generating methods: blogging, YouTube
videos, solo ads, Facebook ads, and SEO.

Many other top Internet marketers tell me repeatedly: “The
money’s in the list.”

Source: Terry Dean e-newsletter, 1/19/16.


***Leadership secrets of the world’s most successful CEOs***

New World Books has just released a Kindle version of my
hardcover book “Leadership Secrets of the World’s Most Successful
CEOs: 100 Top Executives Reveal the Management Strategies That
Made Their Companies Great,” coauthored with PR master Eric


***Must you have a web site?***

According to a survey from Clutch, 46% of small businesses do not
have a web site. The two most common reasons given are
irrelevancy to their business and cost.


***Test your landing page IQ****

Ace copywriter Josh Manheimer recommends frequenting this site: It consistently publishes useful ideas and
tips about improving landing page conversion rates. The most
interesting feature is that they show two landing pages side by
side, and you guess which one is the winner. Doing so can quickly
humble you. And the lesson is you don’t know which landing page
will be the winner until you test. Your subjective opinion — what
you like — doesn’t count for squat.


***A tip for avoiding spam filters***

Avoid sending e-mail marketing messages to web-based e-mail
addresses like Gmail, Yahoo, AOL, and Hotmail. Reason: Many of
these e-mail providers have spam filters set up to reject mass
e-mails. Solution: Create a filter on your lead sign-up forms
that does not allow sign-ups from people using web-based e-mail

Source: YesData white paper, “The 12 Biggest Email Marketing


***How to make your e-mails easier to read on mobile devices***

1–Use 14-point font size or bigger.
2–Keep your message under 800 pixels wide.
3–Don’t put links too close together or else it’s easy for the
reader to click the wrong link.

Source: PR Daily Extra, 2/25/16.


***Book of the month***

As far as I can tell, cartoonist and marketing guru Stu Heinecke
invented “contact marketing,” even though he denies it. In
regular marketing, we target a group of prospects; e.g., software
marketers, with a mass mail, ad, or other campaign.

In contact marketing, you target one individual prospect — e.g.,
Joe Blow, Marketing Director, XYZ Software — for purposes of
getting a meeting with him. How to do contact marketing is fully
explained in Heinecke’s new book, “How to Get a Meeting With
Anyone: The Untapped Selling Power of Contact Marketing,”
published by BenBella Books.


***Quotation of the month***

“In challenging times, it’s easy for us to think and believe it’s
not going to work out. But it’s almost always not true — it’s
just our faulty and biased perceptions. Never give up. Learn
the best strategies and do the work — even when it feels hard.
As you know, success will come, even if you’re not expecting
it. Most people give up way too early.”
–Jeff Neil, New Career Breakthrough!


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