SEOPressor Version 5 – Faster Than Ever Before And Equipped With 5 New Features!

seopressor version 5 review

SEOPressor Version 5 is now faster than ever before and has 5 new features.

So What’s New? Check Out SEOPressor’s 5 New Features Below

1 – Over-optimization check: Now every time your content is over-optimized you’ll get an alert. Never worry ever again about getting penalized by Google for “over optimized” content!

2 – Open Graph Tags and Twitter Card integration: This will power up your social SEO,making it easier for you to get found on social networks like Facebook and Twitter.

3 –  Rich Snippet Powered: Every post you publish will now have extra lines of useful and credible information shown on SERPS. This in turn will improve click through rates and the overall user experience.

4 – Automatic Smart Internal and External Linking: This new feature to SEO Pressor Version 5 wil automatically link your keywords after the first time you do it!

5 – Multiple Keyword & LSI Analysis: Analyses your keywords and then provides you with related keywords to include in your posts. This will improve your on-page SEO. Just so you know Google loves LSI keywords.


So are you still uncertain what SEOPressor Version 5 can do?

Check it out here: SEOPressor Version 5

So why SEOPressor? Let my give you the backstory and why SEOPressor was created

Two years ago Daniel Tan saw the opportunity to provide a solution to a problem – outsourcing personal assistants and getting expensive consulting to help do amateur on-page SEO.

That literally sucked. It was expensive and barely got noticeable results.

What was the solution? Daniel’s SEOPressor, the SEO Professor that teaches you on-page SEO in frickin real time! It’s like you have an actual person right beside you helping with your optimization!

Conducting efficient and effective on-page SEO at the lowest possible price – it’s really an SEO marketers dream come true!

Here exactly what the SEOPressor WordPress Plugin does:

-automatically adds bold to my keywords
-automatically adds italic to my keywords
-automatically adds underline to my keywords
-automatically adds the ALT tag to my images
-automatically adds keyword to my titles
-gives me an SEO SCORE on my pages
-Gives me strong correlation with Google’s top pages!
-Intelligently tells me what to do next!
-A tested and proven algorithm for high ranking!
-Feeds right into Google’s PATENT of search tech!

It will do the same for you and with SEOPressor Version 5 it’s even
more relevant, easy to use and a whole lot faster, especially after
all of Google’s recent algo updates!

Get your very own copy of SEOPressor V5 now – you won’t regret

Click here for your free 14 day trial of SEOPressor Version 5



SEOPressor is one of my favorite plugins. People should really take advantage of the 14 day trial. It's hot.

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