Udimi Review

If you are fed up with searching the web to find quality solo ad vendors you’re definitely in the right place!

Udimi is the best place to find hundreds of high quality solo ad vendors under one roof.

With Udimi you’ll have piece of mind knowing your buying traffic from solo ad vendors who have your best interest in mind.

Udimi has their own quality control system in place to weed out scammy solo vendors who want to sell you junk traffic.

You also have the option of upgrading to Udimi’s “Prime Membership” giving you:

-Unlimited Optin and Sale Tracking

-Click heatmaps,attention heatmaps,time spent on site

-Free 12 months access to their nifty little solo ad calender

-Unlimited click statistics storage

-Advanced traffic filtering

-Prime mark on your account

-Priority support

And of course,much much more…

They also have a forum where you can submit your suggestions and ideas. Get internet marketing advice from solo ad vendors who want to help you make money with your traffic purchases.

Udimi also has an affiliate program where you can make money from the referrals who decide to buy traffic. You also get money from all of your referrals who decide to upgrade to the prime membership.

Here is a sample calculation:

15% from all orders of your referrals recurring and lifetime
50% from all Prime members recurring and lifetime

Your refer 10 Prime members (Prime is $15 per month) who buy about 4 solos per month (about $250 average)

15% from solo buyers= 10 users * $250 * 15%
= $375
50% from Prime members= 10 users * $15 * 50%
= $75

You will get $450 per month!

Udimi is it’s own perpetual traffic machine! Promote the Udimi affiliate program and when you make money reinvest some of your profits into buying traffic.

Get started with your FREE Udimi account today!